I'm Ergun, an indie 'Digital Journalist' based in an absolutely-nowhere location near you. On this site, I'm going to bring you to Xclusive articles that you can't find anywhere else. I was fortunate enough to study for my Bachelor's in the US. And I had the privilege of an internship with top leading tech companies and news organizations.

So – I decided not to work for giant Newspapers or Media Companies full-time. Instead, I'm building an ongoing independent, member-funded publication. In some abstract way, it's a bit like how people used to work on software for years and then create a single release. Instead, the approach I'm taking is a lot like Netflix.

If you're interested in the things I do, then I'd encourage you to subscribe and be an early-adopter of a completely new model for publishing. One where you're not anonymous digital livestock being manipulated in return for your private data, but a valued customer being served in return for a few dollars.